Mini baccarat online is a very popular game

A mini-baccarat is played according to the simplified rules of the American version, where cards are always dealt to the dealer. As seen from the “mini” prefix, the table for the game is smaller than in other varieties and each of the players has three betting fields at once. Bets can be made on the victory of the player, dealer, as well as on a draw.

How to play (rules) for players

For mini-baccarat, from 6 to 8 ordinary decks are used (without jokers), the cards are folded after mixing in a “clog” – a special box. All played cards are subsequently moved to a special chipper.

I would like to note that in front of the classic baccarat, the mini-baccarat has significantly lower betting limits and this makes the game much more democratic. A bet is the only action that a player has to do, the remaining operations at the table are carried out by the dealer. As a result, even those who first sat at the gambling table will not have any problems and difficulties here.

A few words about the purpose of the game. It has no differences from other types of baccarat. The same three types of bets – a bet on a player’s victory, a bet on a dealer’s victory or a bet on a draw. The maximum number of participants for a mini-baccarat is 7 people. Accordingly, the same number of markings is applied to the table for playing mini-baccarat.

Best mini baccarat slots that allow you to win

Mini baccarat free online is the best option for many gamblers. Cards from 2 to 9 give the number of points proportional to the face value. Ace will bring the player 1 point, and “pictures” and dozens do not bring points at all. If a player scores more than 10 points, then, in this case, 10 is subtracted from their amount and the final result is taken into account in the game. Thus, according to the rules of mini-baccarat, the total number of points cannot exceed the mark of 9.

According to the rules of the game, the dealer and the player cannot receive more than 3 cards, and the final victory will be won by the player whose total points are as close as possible to 9. If the total points are the same, then, in this case, the dealer declares a draw.

As mentioned before, a player or a croupier can score no more than 9 points. The combination of 2 cards, giving 9 points in total, is called natural, it always wins. The second natural combination is two cards, giving a total of 8 points.

Players can make these bets:

  • Dealer’s victory is called “banko”. Payment at this rate is 1: 1 + 5% is withheld in favor of a gambling establishment.
  • The player’s victory is called punto. The casino does not hold commission, the payout is also 1: 1.
  • You can bet on a draw – the payout may be 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 (depending on the gambling establishment).

How is the game going?

Before the start of the game, the participants of the table must bet on the dealer’s victory, on the player’s victory or on a draw, placing the chips on the corresponding fields. Subsequently, the dealer deals 2 cards to himself and the player. In case the dealer or player has collected a natural combination (we talked about it above), he will be announced to the winners. The third card is issued according to the standard rules of baccarat.

At the end, the dealer compares his cards and the player’s cards, paying the winnings or withdrawing the lost bets. While playing in online casinos there is an opportunity to get deposit bonuses and play poker, but it is recommended to study the rules initially.

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